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Who and Why?

The Who?

Who should have a Body Composition Analysis (BCA)?

Body Composition testing is for the goal orientated individual that is committed to achieving the best results possible, whilst being conscious of their physical well-being. Our scans cater to all; Whether you are an athlete monitoring your training, a body builder or someone just trying to improve their fitness or achieve a healthy body weight; a body composition analysis is an invaluable tool to help you set, monitor results and achieve your goals.

We work with:

  • Gym members

  • Athletes - Amature and Professional

  • Weight loss and body transformation participants

  • Bodybuilder, Fitness, Figure and Physique Athletes

  • Sporting clubs

BCA’s are great for

  • establishing a benchmark for the current status of your body and health

  • Setting specific goals to formulate the right action plan

  • Creating greater accountability

  • Giving your motivation a boost as you monitor your progress

  • ensuring that your action plan is providing the desired results

  • Diagnostic approach to muscle imbalances via a segmented analysis


Who else can benefit from our services?

We tailor a variety of programs to suit organisations of all types and sizes.

Sporting Clubs and Community groups

  • Fitness monitoring

  • Athlete performance enhancement

  • Challenges and Fundraising events

Gyms, Health and Fitness Clubs, PT studios, fitness groups

  • Progress / fitness monitoring

  • 8 and 12 week transformation and fitness challenges

  • Increased motivation and commitment

  • Allows for detailed evaluation of training and nutrition steering you on the right path.


The Why?

Why should I have a Body Composition Analysis with Adelaide DXA Scan?

Adelaide DXA Scan provide in a mobile fashion, the latest and clinically proven technology to provide the most accurate analysis in South Australia. Our scanner, whilst developed in September of 2018 has been built off the reliability of high level of clinical reproducibility offered by the Inbody 570.

With each personal analysis we take the time to explain your results in detail, so that you leave us with complete understanding of your body composition and an action plan moving you one step closer to your goals.

DEXA or Electrical Body Scanners

Whilst our name is Adelaide DXA scan, we use a body composition scanner and not a traditional DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) Scanner. Whilst DEXA scans are seen to be the highest standard of body composition testing they emit radiation each time they are used.

We have also found that our Body Composition Scanner has a higher functionality being able to perform results such as total body water levels, a key aspect which can have a drastic impact on the continuity of your scan results.